About Us

A leading pure oil-based brand that strives to make this world a healthy place by promoting natural and pure food oils. These oils are dietary friendly, supremely beneficial, and pocket friendly. Sesame seed oil | Groundnut Oils | Sunflower Oils

Coconut Oil

Straight from the coasts of Tamil Nadu, Wood pressed Coconut Oil is produced using traditional and natural wood-pressing techniques keeping the natural nutrients and minerals intact. The oil is surely purer and healthier than any factory-made oil.

Sesame Oil

Curated with the traditional goodness of wood pressing technique, Sesame Seed Oil is highly beneficial in various different ways. The oil retains the real goodness & richness of essential nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants.

Mustard Oil

Extracted naturally from best quality Mustard Seeds which are farm picked from Indian farmers using the Wood Pressing technique that retains the aroma, flavors, nutritional value of the oil.